Italian Cooking Classes in NYC March 2016

Perfect cannelloni, chicken cacciatore, biscotti & more March 5

This class is one of our most popular... reserve quickly, before it sells out! Learn to make five of Italy’s most comforting dishes in this hands-on cooking class. You’ll perfect the art of fresh pasta making, cook a creamy béchamel sauce, shape cheese-filled cannelloni, braise chicken cacciatore-style, whip up lump-free polenta, and bake decadent chocolate biscotti in our Essentials of Italian Cooking Class.

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Cooking with Wine March 25 at 6 pm

From pan sauces for pasta and meat to flavorful broths for cooking fish, wine is often the backbone of most Italian dishes. This menu features wine (white, red, dry, and sweet) in every dish. On the menu: Cheese Ravioli with Sweet Peas, Tomatoes, Cream, & White Wine; Chicken Scaloppine with Prosciutto & Provolone in Marsala Glaze; Roasted String Beans with Artichokes & White Wine; Risotto with Prosecco, Butternut Squash, Sage, & Leeks; and Wine-Poached Fruit over Marsala Zabaione.

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On the Blog: Buttery, Flaky, Delicious Croissants!

Making croissants at home is not difficult, but requires a bit of time and patience. The techniques used are drawn from bread-baking (the dough is yeasted) and puff pastry-making (the butter is layered between sheets of dough and the dough is turned repeatedly). The resulting croissants (when properly made) are a beguiling combination of crisp, bread-like exterior and soft, flaky, buttery puff pastry interior...Check out our blog for the whole story!

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